attorneys get into an issue!

a group of trial legal professionals jogging a faculty have found a notable way to set an instance for college kids. additionally, glitter can be hiding some thing — or now not.

imagine a employer or basis with a board of administrators composed of trial lawyers. what may want to probable move incorrect?

i understand the answer to that. for an excellent instance, check out a wyoming ideally suited court ruling wherein we learn that two businesses of attorneys have been feuding for the closing couple of years over who receives to run some thing called the trial legal professionals college.

my wager is that they want to provide teachable moments (or years) for his or her college students.

the university, aka tlc, was hooked up by using gerry spence, the well-known trial attorney, in 1993, and its website offers some unexpected descriptions.

“the trial lawyers college is dedicated to training and educating attorneys and judges who’re committed to the jury gadget and to representing and acquiring justice for individuals: the negative, the injured, the forgotten, the unvoiced, the defenseless and the damned….”

damnation defense is a sorely disregarded part of prison training. the ones devil pacts are a bitch to contest.

additionally: “the curriculum we’ve got advanced when you consider that 1994 is primarily based on psychodrama….”

no higher way to fight devil.

by means of the manner, you’ll be glad to know that each unmarried attorney may be the finest attorney in the us. test this out whilst you get a danger. trial lawyer training (at least from the spence faction inside the dispute above) in wyoming is a spiritual experience.

you want to trust jurors and maybe beat a few drums.

i don’t recognize whether or not this curriculum works or no longer, however there’s virtually vacation fee right here, and you can wear a cowboy hat.

all that glitters. a massachusetts court docket of appeals panel has dominated that prison officers can ban birthday cards with glitter — as a minimum till any person proves that glitter is harmless.

did you watched glitter changed into innocent?

i really did, however consistent with the ruling, prison officers claimed that glitter — in preference to printing or undeniable dryness — can cover alterations to paper. changes like being soaked with capsules. normal pens and typing are excellent however glitter pens can be nefarious.

no phrase on how they feel approximately finger paint.

i ought to observe here that the court didn’t necessarily purchase the branch of corrections’ argument.

“of route, we don’t have any knowledge with recognize to whether or not glitter pens can in truth be used in the way described inside the affidavit,” the ruling says. but the plaintiff didn’t offer any proof that evidence that glitter couldn’t be used to hide pills, so he lost.

there’s also no indication that the jail officers had any proof that glitter should cover pills however the court docket deferred to the department’s “reasonable construction” of guidelines.

my guess is that what without a doubt took place here is that a jail authentic had a bad formative years enjoy with glitter.

i’m expecting discrimination litigation from glitter producers.

nostalgia. does all of us else pass over the good vintage days whilst republicans desired to ban automated weapons to preserve them out of the palms of black panthers and democrats knew the fbi became corrupt?

history repeats itself in bizarre methods.

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