actress tries to recognition on ability of autistic legal professional in ‘first-rate attorney woo’

seoul, aug. 24 (yonhap) — at the set of the hit criminal drama “wonderful lawyer woo,” which completed airing remaining thursday amid rave opinions, 29-yr-old actress park eun-bin is probably one of the youngest a number of the solid contributors.

but in phrases of acting profession, she become the only who has the longest with almost 50 tv collection and movies, including the latest “the king’s affection” (2021) and “the witch: component 2. the alternative one” (2022), as she made her appearing debut in 1998 with the movement drama “white night time 3.ninety eight.”

for the younger but veteran actress, but, playing woo younger-woo, a genius attorney at the autism spectrum, become no longer easy. she had refused to take the role numerous times.

“i grew to become it down, now not due to the fact i am tremendous, however due to the fact i wasn’t confident i should do well with this character,” park stated in a media interview held monday. “i used to be fearful of portraying younger-woo. i had no idea about how she speaks and responds.”

after identifying to sign up for the assignment, park attempted now not to function younger-woo as a normally inflexible and unfeeling autistic man or woman who suffers social and emotion-sharing issues. so she depicted her as a fresh, lovely, sympathetic and proficient attorney who has a tremendous and outstanding memory in the legal area.

the actress stated she wanted to focus more on the wider possibility that young-woo has in the show, where the autistic attorney may be universal by means of human beings from all walks of lifestyles, as opposed to on her autistic behaviors.

“if i had taken a conservative approach, i should have missed the potential of young-woo,” she said. “inside the starting, young-woo ought to look weird but paintings well. as the episodes pass on, she remains weird, but now not seems bizarre. this delicacy became the maximum difficult part.”

she said young-woo represents an autistic individual who is regarded to lack social and verbal exchange abilties that lead to issues with friendships, romantic relationships, each day dwelling, and vocational achievement.

however within the world of “woo,” young-woo grows to be a terrific lawyer and an abled man or woman through court docket episodes in cooperation along with her teammates or even begins a romantic relationship with joon-ho (kang tae-oh).

“most human beings assume it’s not possible for autistic individuals to fall in love. i suppose our show desires to ruin that bias,” she stated. “the romantic courting appears pointless for young-woo’s increase, but it shows she gradually starts offevolved to take care of others in the long run.”

on top of that, appearing the part of a genius attorney and memorizing all the prison jargon became every other hurdle for park, a seasoned actress who’s confident approximately remembering traces and talk no matter how long they are.

“young-woo is a genius, and she or he has a photographic memory that lets in her to remember pictures from law books, but i’m now not like that,” she said. “those prison phrases were too hard to paste to my mind. it took time. i even spent my wreck time memorizing the script.”

the popularity of “woo” was also excellent each at home and abroad. its final, sixteenth episode, broadcast thursday, hit 17.5 percentage in nationwide viewership, up sharply from 0.9 percentage for the first episode on june 29. the final variety is the very best for the little-recognized cable channel ena launched in 2004.

it has crowned netflix’s weekly pinnacle 10 listing for non-english television applications available at the provider for a complete of 5 weeks.

it became the second one korean-made tv collection to be simultaneously streamed on a nearby television channel and on netflix to rank no. 1 at the official viewership chart, following the romantic comedy “commercial enterprise thought” (2022).

approximately the rising call for for a 2nd season of “woo,” park remained careful, saying nothing has been determined yet.

“i really like the final scene of ‘woo.’ while filming the scene, i used to be so pleased with it and wanted to say goodbye there,” she stated. “it is like, i placed the final photo of younger-woo in a treasure trove and locked it up. while someone asks me to open it, i think i need extra courage and resolution.”

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