ex-ag shouldn’t be represented with the aid of legal professionals from very own organization, court docket advised

kuala lumpur: najib razak’s felony group has objected to 2 attorneys representing tommy thomas within the former prime minister’s suit against the former lawyer-wellknown and the authorities for alleged misfeasance in public office.

najib’s legal professional, firoz hussein ahmad jamaluddin, advised the high court docket here that alan gomez and lai wei shiung came from the same corporation as thomas.

“individuals of a company need to now not represent their companions, consultants and fellow attorneys in contentious subjects. they can’t act objectively (for thomas) in the interest of justice,” he stated.

firoz also said the legal professionals and thomas have “pecuniary interest” within the company, and that thomas wrote in his e book titled “my tale: justice inside the wasteland” approximately how he worked along with his companions.

“and he (thomas) is a consultant (within the company) now,” he talked about.

in reaction, gomez stated the objection became simply an try and postpone the listening to in their bid to nullify najib’s lawsuit.

in his in shape, najib claimed that the 1mdb-associated fees in opposition to him at some stage in thomas’ tenure were “a part of a long-planned, premeditated exercising”. he is seeking rm1.94 million in damages.

however, thomas and the authorities are seeking to nullify the lawsuit on grounds that the case was frivolous, vexatious and an abuse of court method.

gomez stated that, as a representative, thomas had no pecuniary interest within the company and did no longer experience earnings from it, including that firoz’s monetary hobby argument had no merit.

“the former top minister’s healthy these days is towards him (thomas) for bringing criminal costs during his tenure as ag.

“the suit has nothing to do with the organization and we (participants of the organization) would not be referred to as as witnesses to testify later,” he said.

he said that if the lawsuit went to complete trial and najib succeeded, the judgment might be entered against the authorities and not thomas’ firm.

choose ahmad bache constant aug 19 to decide at the objection by najib’s legal professionals in opposition to the advent of gomez and lai.

in advance, ahmad wondered the lawyer-wellknown’s chambers, which is performing for the authorities, over whether legal professional-fashionable idrus harun issued letters of appointment or fiat for gomez and lai to represent thomas.

“he changed into sued in his capability as a former government officer. the (present day) ag wishes to offer his consent for lawyers to seem for government officials,” he said.

to that, senior federal counsel shamsul bolhassan stated idrus consented to the appointment of gomez and lai on july 29, and affirmed their appointments were in order.

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