osijek software program metropolis – nice area on earth for circle of relatives lifestyles

osijek is a town where it organizations produce true software. in which do you bought the vital information and abilties for that? in which are the educated and encouraged workers hired in pleasant and promising companies? that is how the targets of the osijek software program city venture have been supplied, had been they completed?

ten years from the first vision of osijek as a regional it middle, and 7 years until the first company inside the it park. the story of osijek software program town unfolded slowly.

“it went slowly and it became hard, however now it’s going quicker and faster”, denis, one of the initiators of this tale, informed rtl. higher cooperation with universities will create the essential it specialists and scholarship programs with the city and the county in an effort to attract younger people.

“for us, this modern-day pool of young people is now not enough to show osijek into a real middle of the it enterprise, and we can actually need to draw and import a whole lot of foreign students”, says denis sušac, director of the it agency.

nathan arrived in osijek from arizona through colorado and prague. no longer best did he discover a task there, but additionally what he calls the ideal region for circle of relatives life.

“osijek may be one of the exceptional cities on the earth for own family life”, stated nathan chappell, a developer.

the circle of relatives spirit is gift within the place of work, and his family is also helping him research the croatian language.

ivana, alternatively, studied languages, but after finishing her research, she felt that it was not her existence’s calling.

“after which, step by step, i started poking round in it to peer what was there and what i was actually inquisitive about and that i got here throughout this trying out”, said ivana belak, software program tester.

she didn’t need to leave croatia and alternatively wanted to discover the process she favored here, and that, she says, got here actual.

“we think that nowadays young human beings can live thoroughly operating in osijek, without leaving, and this fashion of going to ireland, sweden, germany is slowly coming to a halt”, claims sušac.

the quantity of it people in osijek is developing. the purpose of recognising osijek as a town wherein it specialists stay and work is becoming nearer, and without their talents lifestyles is almost impossible nowadays.

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